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Enjoy your movie with the Privacy of you and your guests. A Private Screening is when you and your guests reserve every seat in that auditorium so you may enjoy at the comfort of your own space. The starting costs for a private screening are determined by the time of day and day of the week; this starting cost can range between $472 and $2,466. Because of our partnerships with the studios, all private screenings must be equivalent to a maxed-out theater (for example, $8 tickets x 59 seats = $472).You may choose from a retro movie or a current release.

Rental Package


Auditorium rental for private movie screenings and birthday parties:

  • Auditorium capacity options between 50 - 150, depending on which cinema location you choose
  • Choose from any current or upcoming new film release or a limited library of retro films
  • NOTE: Private Movie Screenings are not available at Warehouse Cinemas - Rotunda at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Available films are subject to change
  • Day of the week choices are  Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays
  • Showtime choices are  1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm, & 9:00pm
  • A full buyout of the auditorium must be purchased
  • Any unused tickets are non-refundable
  • Access to your auditorium is 15 minutes prior to the showtime and 5 minutes after the end of the final credits
  • Warehouse Cinemas does not have a private party area at this time thus, large group gatherings in the lobby or hallways are not permitted
  • Concessions, food, and beverages can be purchased as usual by visiting the concession stand or bar prior to your showing
  • Reservation is considered "booked" when full payment is made
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Payment should be made at the cinema no less than 10 days prior to the showing
  • Cancellations must be made at least 5 days in advance. There is a 10% cancellation fee.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted on the premise
  • No presents, decorations, cake, etc. should be brought on the premise

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