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Lil’ Monster

Lil’ Monster Movie Club for Kids

Lil' Monster loves movies, popcorn, and belly laughs so much that they are its superpowers. Can you eat more popcorn than Lil’ Monster? No way, nobody can! If you think you know your favorite movie backwards and forwards, Lil’ Monster can recite all the lines to the best kids’ movies in seconds. If any meanies dare to be grumpy in the theater, Lil’ Monster will bounce them right out of the galaxy with its super big BELLY LAUGHS.

Do you want to be part of Lil’ Monster’s fun? You can easily join the Lil’ Monster Movie Club. There are always lots of fun events for kids and first-time moviegoers get a Lil’ Monster certificate to commemorate the occasion. Just let the team know it is your first movie and you will get special keepsake certificate, a photo with the team, high-fives all around, and a lil’ extra surprise.

Keep a look out for fun movie premieres, sensory friendly shows, and much more for all our Lil’ Monster movie fans to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our Lil’ Monster Kid packs for a great snack deal and fun activities!

Download cool movie coloring and activity sheets to keep the movie fun going at the cinema or at home.


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